If a man tells you he knows your future you tell him he is a liar. Never let another person plan out your life for you. Some will tell you there
                 is no hope for you. Others will say you will never amount to anything. Sometimes the ones we love and trust the most may kill our spirits with
                 low  expectations for us. There are those who try to control our lives to use for their own gain. They will ask you to follow a lifestyle that
                 leads to destruction. No one can predict or control our destiny unless we let them. Every man  is empowered with the most amazing ability
                to control his own destiny. The creative power we have to force our life down a certain  path is by far our most  amazing attribute. Everyday
                we make thousands of decisions using our God given free will. If you mix creative ambition  with your power of free will the world is yours.
                Never accept another mans plan for your life. You decide! Slow down and find some quite time  to set  your goals and make your plans.
                It takes time alone to figure out where you want to go in life. Remember there is Good and Evil in this world. Choose Good and reject evil
                and the One who made this universe will stand at your side to help you accomplish your Goals. Choose evil and you will reap a life filled
                with destruction and negativity. Seek the council of God and you will get his direction. Even God gives you the right to choose and make
                your own destiny. Choose wisely because some of our decisions can have life long impact on our lives.  The prisons are full of people who
                figured that out to late.                                                  No Fate but what you Make.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 DTL